I'm a first-generation Jamaican-American who likes to call herself a mirror and a sculptor of ideas, and by that, I mean:

(1) I amplify the stories/perspectives of those around me.

(2) I use my work to make room for more people to see themselves in the world.


(3) I aim to inspire people to think critically about assumptions, biases and their own perspective as they move through life.

I am a lover of learning (philomath) and could talk forever about the many different societal structures of this world. Combine this with my interests in advertising, product, tech, strategy and writing, and here I am!

Outside of work, I still love a good challenge, so in my free time, I do circus arts (Aerial Hammock/Sling, Aerial Silks) and casual cycling. I'll try basically anything I never imagined doing in my wildest dreams.