Hello, I'm Nyesha

I don't just find problems, I solve them too! Not a tech portfolio, but a peak into my mind using product marketing as my means.


I'm a first-generation Jamaican-American who likes to call herself a mirror and a sculptor of ideas, and by that, I mean:

(1) I amplify the stories/perspectives of those around me.

(2) I use my work to make room for more people to see themselves in the world.


(3) I aim to inspire people to think critically about assumptions, biases and their own perspective as they move through life.

I am a lover of learning (philomath) and could talk forever about the many different societal structures of this world. Combine this with my interests in advertising, product, tech, strategy and writing, and here I am!

Outside of work, I still love a good challenge, so in my free time, I do circus arts (Aerial Hammock/Sling, Aerial Silks) and casual cycling. I'll try basically anything I never imagined doing in my wildest dreams.

MyFitnessPal 2.0 (A Conceptual Piece)

The First Culturally-Informed AI Health Coach

When you think of healthy eating, what specific foods come to mind? Fufu? Miso Soup? Jerk Chicken? Seco de Pollo? None of the above? 

Let's talk!

Problem + Insights

It’s no secret that ethnic foods tend to get the short end of the stick in the health & wellness space.¹ Despite the US foreign-born population reaching over 44.8 million people, non-western/eurocentric cuisines are underrepresented as health foods.² Even search engines yield unimpressive results for the phrases “healthy eating” and “health foods,” putting the term world-wide web to shame.

MyFitnessPal is a powerful tool that can be used to support users' fitness goals, but their premium meal and exercise features could use a boost in the authentic and culturally-inclusive department.


Reimagine MyFitnessPal’s concept by placing cultural inclusivity at the forefront of their messaging and providing personalization through AI-generated regimens.

What I Did For This Project

I recreated MyFitnessPal's homepage. 

For an added layer of realness, I also crafted an AI-generated meal plan using ChatGPT, as seen in one of the prototype elements of the website. 

*Please note because this is a concept piece, buttons and links do not function. Animations also do not run full-cycle.


[¹] Today, R. a. U. (2021, June 15). TikTokers are sick of seeing ethnic foods get a bad rap: “We need to redefine healthy.” USA TODAY. https://www.usatoday.com/story...

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